From the Spring 2016 Musical Times, available now


Arnold Whittall: ‘In memoriam Pierre Boulez’
Peter Williams: ‘Another book on JS Bach?’
Chris Walton: ‘Mad mothers, fractious fathers and fractured cowbells: Richard Strauss reconsidered’
Carmine Miranda: ‘Decoding the Schumann Cello Concerto’
Judith Chernaik: ‘Schumann and Chopin: from Carnaval to Kreisleriana
Leo Black: ‘Soul states: Schumann’s Four Fugues op.72’
Olive Baldwin & Thelma Wilson: ‘John Arnold, Philo-Musicae of Great Warley: an 18th-century musical enthusiast’

Book reviews

by Arnold Whittall, Andrew Thomson, Patricia Howard and Peter Williams of

Fabian Huss: The music of Frank Bridge
Paul Watt & Anne-Marie Forbes, edd.: Joseph Holbrooke: composer, critic, and musical patriot
Kimberley Francis: Teaching Stravinsky: Nadia Boulanger and the consecration of a modernist icon
Jonathan Cross: Igor Stravinsky
Simon P.  Keefe, ed.: Mozart studies 2
Andrew Parrott: Composers’ intentions: lost traditions of musical performance

From the Winter 2015 Musical Times, available now


Jeremy L. Smith: ‘Lassus, Ferrabosco the Elder, Byrd, and the identification of Mary Queen of Scots as biblical Susanna’
Justin Vickers: ‘Benjamin Britten’s silent ‘Epilogue’ to The holy sonnets of John Donne
James Brooks Kuykendall: ‘Britten, Bach and the Passion’
Ryan Ross: ‘ “There in the fastness of rural England”: Vaughan Williams, folk song and George Borrow’s Lavengro
Eric L. Altschuler & Anthony Phillips: ‘The sound of topology: two-dimensional manifolds in Bach’
Olga Baird: ‘Antonio Casimir Cartellieri and his mysterious patron, “Count Oborsky” ’
Leo Black: ‘The triumph of euphoria: Schumann’s Konzertstück op.86 for four horns and orchestra’
David Cormack: ‘In the shadow of La Sphinx Cosima: Carrie Pringle’s afterlife’

Book reviews

by Peter Williams, Peter Phillips, Barbara Barry, Arnold Whittall, Andrew Thomson and Chris Walton of

Jeffers Engelhardt: Singing the right way: Orthodox Christians and secular enchantment in Estonia
Martin Thomas: English cathedral music and liturgy in the twentieth century
Jonathan Arnold: Sacred music in secular society
Ivan Moody: Modernism and Orthodox spirituality in contemporary music
Julian Johnson: Out of time: music and the making of modernity
Christopher Alan Reynolds: Wagner, Schumann and the lessons of Beethoven’s Ninth
Katherine Kolb, ed.: Berlioz on music: selected criticism 1824–1837
Stephanus van Zyl Muller: Nagmusiek

From the Autumn 2015 Musical Times, available now


Mary Cyr: ‘Origins and performance of accompanied keyboard music in France’
John Arthur: ‘New dates for five Mozart symphonies from the former so-called ‘Cranz volume no.3’
Barbara Barry: ‘Out of this world: modelling Beethoven’s Grosse Fuge in the bubble-wrap universe’
Gary O’Shea: ‘ “A permanent influence”: Beethoven’s impact on Prokofiev’s piano writing’
Leo Black: ‘Schoenberg’s relaxations, with a note on his early masterpiece Verklärte Nacht
Emanuel Overbeeke: ‘ “L’un fait oublier l’autre”: Boulez and Ravel’
Makoto Mikawa: ‘The theatricalisation of Mauricio Kagel’s Antithese (1962) and its development in collaboration with Alfred Feussner’
Louisa A. Danielson: ‘ “The drums shall beat and the fife shall play”: the early military music of Fort Wayne, Indiana’

Book reviews

by Andrew Thomson, Patricia Howard, David Wright, Arnold Whittall and Peter Williams of

Martin Lee-Browne & Paul Guinery: Delius and his music
Kerry McCarthy: Byrd
Helen M. Greenwald, ed.: The Oxford handbook of opera
John Goulden: Michael Costa: England’s first conductor: the revolution in musical performance in England, 1830–1880
David Brodbeck: Defining Deutschtum: political ideology, German identity, and music-critical discourse in liberal Vienna
Elaine Kelly: Composing the canon in the German Democratic Republic: narratives of nineteenth-century music
Seth Monahan: Mahler’s symphonic sonatas
Thomas Peattie: Gustav Mahler’s symphonic landscapes
Vincent Giroud: Nicolas Nabokov: a life in freedom and music
Beata Bolesławska: The life and works of Andrzej Panufnik (1914–1991)
Jürgen Thym, ed.: Mendelssohn, the organ, and the music of the past: constructing historical legacies
Peter Planyavsky: Anton Heiller: organist, composer, conductor
Meredith Kirkpatrick, ed.: Ralph Kirkpatrick: letters of an American harpsichordist 

and a poem

Lev Ozerov: ‘Dmitry Dmitryevich Shostakovich’